1 вариант test задание Read the text and сhoose the right variant

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1 курс, тест

Тест к дифференцированному зачету по дисциплине Иностранный язык

Специальность 44.02.02 Преподавание в начальных классах

курс 1


председатель ПЦК ФД

_____Байсултанова Ф.З.

Пр.№5 от «06» марта 2018 г.

1 вариант


Задание 1. Read the text and сhoose the right variant.

A Frenchman, who was going to travel in the United States, heard many tales about how difficult it is to get food and good service in the restaurants in America.

On his first day in the USA when he wanted his dinner he went from restaurant to restaurant but could not get a meal - it was the dinner hour and there were so many people in restaurants that the waiters did not even want to talk to him.

After some time very tired and hungry, he came to a small eating-place. To his surprise, a waiter met him at the door took him to one of the empty tables and asked: «What will the gentleman order? »

«A plate of beef and a few friendly words".

A few minutes later, the waiter put a hot plate of beef before the Frenchman.

«Well." said the man happily». The beef looks nice. And how about those friendly words?" The waiter took a sheet of paper and wrote:" Don't eat that beef!"

Скачать 25.62 Kb.

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