1 вариант test задание Read the text and сhoose the right variant

What tales did the Frenchman hear about the USA?

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1.What tales did the Frenchman hear about the USA?

a) how dangerous it was to drive there

b) how hard it was to get good meals

c) how difficult it was to find a room in a hotel

2.Why couldn't he get a meal on his first day in the USA?

a) It was too late.

b) The restaurants were overcrowded.

c) He couldn't speak English.

3.How did the waiter meet him in the small eating-place?

a) He did not pay attention to him.

b) Не greeted him warmly.

c) Не sent him away from the restaurant.

4.What did he order?

a) soup

b) meat course

c) fried potatoes

5.What were the few friendly words the writer wrote?

a) The waiter welcomed him to their restaurant.

b) The waiter wished him good appetite.

c) The waiter didn't advise him to try the dish.

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