1 вариант test задание Read the text and сhoose the right variant

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Задание 1. Read the text and сhoose the right variant.

Charles Dickens was very fond of children. One morn­ing he was walking in the little square opposite his house in London. On a bench, he saw a little girl who was playing with a big doll. Suddenly the doll fell on the ground and broke. The girl began to cry. Dickens went up to her and said: "Come to my house, little girl and we shall see -if we can find another doll there."

So they went to Dickens's house and into the children's room, where there were a lot of dolls. Dickens took a big pretty doll and gave it to the little girl. She was happy to have a new doll. She thanked Dickens and ran home.

The girl's parents did not know who the kind man was. But they wanted to send him a present and thank him. So the next day they sent their daughter to Dickens with a book. When Dickens opened the book he saw that it was "David Copperfield", one of his novels.
1. Where was Dickens's house?

    1. on the bank of the Thames

    2. opposite the little square

    3. in the little square in London

2. Why was the girl crying?

    1. She did not have a doll any more

    2. She had lost her doll

    3. Somebody had stolen her doll

3. Why did Dickens take the girl to his house?

  1. He wanted to give her a cake

  2. He wanted her to stop crying

  3. He wanted to present her with another doll

4. Why was the girl happy?

    1. Her old doll was mended.

    2. Dickens was very kind to her and took her to her parents.

    3. She had got a very big and nice doll.

5. Why was Dickens surprised?

    1. He did not expect to get his novel as a present

    2. He got the present next week.

    3. The girl brought him a box of sweets

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