1 вариант test задание Read the text and сhoose the right variant

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5.​ Why did the farmer go to town?

a)​ to meet his friend

b)​ to by a bicycle

c)​ to by some necessary things in the shop

6.​ Why didn’t the shop-keeper let him go?

a)​ he wanted the farmer to buy a bicycle.

b)​ The farmer had forgotten to buy a bicycle.

c)​ He wanted to take $35 from the farmer.

7.​ What would the farmer rather do with money?

a)​ go to the restaurant

b)​ buy some grass for his cow

c)​ spend his money on buying a domestic animal

8.​ What did the shop-keeper find funny?

a)​ having a bicycle

b)​ going to the village on cowback

c)​ going to town on foot

9.​ What did the farmer find more useful?

a)​ to have a cow to milk it

b)​ to have a bicycle for going to town

c)​ to spend $ 35 on a bicycle

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