1 вариант test задание Read the text and сhoose the right variant

Task 2. Read the text and choose the right variant

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Task 2. Read the text and choose the right variant.

A farmer came to town to do some shopping. He had bought what he wanted and was going to leave the shop, but the shopkeeper would not let him go. He said: “Look here, farmer Jones. I have some very good bicycles to sell. They are very cheap. I can sell you a very good bicycle for $35. I am sure it will be very useful. You can ride around your farm on it every day.”

“Oh, no,” said the farmer I do not want a bicycle. With this money, I can buy a cow. And a cow is certainly more useful in my farm than a bicycle.”

“But you cannot go to town on a cow,” said the shopkeeper. “That is funny!”

“Well, I do not know what is funnier,” said the farmer. “To ride a cow or to milk a bicycle.”

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