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11/2011 (165)



Theoretical and practical journal


ON THE WAY TO THE good and well-being city

V.N. Bobkov

N.S. Malikov

Tendencies and dynamics of change of level and quality of life of the population of Belgorod in the first decade of a new century

In the article the tendencies and dynamics of development of level and quality of life of the population of Belgorod in the last decade are revealed. There is a comparison of the basic indicators of quality and the standards of living of the city of Belgorod to corresponding indicators of Voronezh and Kursk on the basis of the data of the official federal statistics. There are some arguments of the fact that the city of Belgorod and Belgorod region as a whole keep their leadership on living quality and living standards among regions of Russian Federation.

Key words: quality of life, living standards, human development index, birth rate, life interval, remuneration of labor.

V.I. Patrushev

System of the distributed quality management of life in a big city

That is the first time when it is considered in the article the system of distributed management of a sustainable development of the territories in which the administrative, corporative, spiritual, scientific and expert management centers operate united by the strategic target in which quality and standards of the life of the population are put forward.

Key words: management, corporate management, territorial public self-government, technological cluster of management in the social sphere, morality, spirituality, noospherical civilization.

Belgorod in the figures and the facts

development of innovations and human potential

A.A. Gulugina

The basic indicators of living standards of the population of Belgorod region and changing of them in 2000-2010

In the article the author considers the change of the basic indicators of the living standards of the population of Belgorod region in 2000th. The author presents the comparative analysis of these indicators with indicators of other Russian regions, the Central federal district and Russia as a whole. Also there is an estimation of changes in an inequality under incomes. The grouping of regions on purchasing capacity of the population and poverty level, accepted in PC “All-Russian center of living standards”, is used in the article.

Key words: poverty, grouping, monetary incomes, population, an inequality, purchasing capacity, living wage, region, structure of incomes, living standards.

A.G. Tyurikov

V.G. Parfenov

S.M. Kuleshov

Assessment of quality of life in the Central Federal District of Russia as a criterion of social management

Research article analyzes the dynamics of statistical indicators of the quality of life CFA RF, expert assessment of the quality of life in key areas of activity for the period from 2008 to 2011. The authors conducted regional grouping of CFA on the main indicators of quality of life. Quality of life is regarded as a criterion of social management.

Key words: sociology, research, peer review, quality of life, social efficiency.

V.G. Parfenov

Social expectations of the population of Russian regions to improve the quality of life

In a scientific article the author describes the social expectations of the population of Russian regions to improve the quality of life. Provides a definition of quality of life, the problem field of the inhabitants of regions of Russia in the main spheres of life, we analyze the results of sociological research in the field of quality of life.

Key words: sociological study, quality of life, social expectations, public relations.

S.I. Grigoryev

Socio-cultural aspects of living standards in the opinions of inhabitants of Belgorod region

On the basis of the conducted sociological research the condition of spirituality and socio-cultural development of the population of Belgorod region is analyzed. The third of interrogated inhabitants of Belgorod region have kept orientations on the values of family, family-household well-being, service to the family.

Key words: socio-cultural development, spirituality, national musical creativity as the interest to national culture, traditions.


N.N. Kargin

V.I. Patrushev

A.G. Prostov

Theoretical bases of mechanism of management of “sustainable development” process

In the article the authors consider methodical and methodological approaches to management of social systems; describe the laws of the sustainable development of social systems, and also the authors offer the criteria of integrity, which defines development of social systems.

Key words: management, laws of the social development, mechanisms of management of a sustainable development, social systems.

A.G. Prostov

S.V. Patrushev

Political cybernetics: expert maintenance of design activity of the regional governments and local self-governments

The article proves synergetic trinity of the concepts “management, projects, examination” by science means “Political cybernetics”, with using these concepts it is possible to eliminate all the problem cluster, existing in society, with one decision, with using adaptation difficult theoretical schemes in cases of ready decisions, that increases management efficiency at all levels and provides competitiveness of regions and the country as a whole.

Key words: management, projects, examination and political cybernetics, principate.


J.L. Vorobyova

Estimations of the information competitiveness of the regional labor markets. Search of the effective decisions

The article is devoted to researching of the effective decisions by creating information support of activity of regional placement services of the population and to specification of the theoretical model of economic system taking into account development of the information factor at development of the communication technologies which cause the changes of institutional and organizational interactions in the society.

Key words: regional labor market, population employment, information competitiveness, a technique of estimation of the competitiveness.


D.N. Platygin

Economic loss due to ineffective occupational safety management system: components and preliminary assessment

The article summarizes the main components of the economic loss due to unhealthy work conditions and ineffective occupational safety management systems at enterprises for employers, employees and government. The identified components may serve as a basis for calculating the total costs for the society and developing government policy in that sphere.

Key words: Occupational safety, cost-benefit analysis, economic loss, unhealthy and dangerous work conditions.

Publications competitors for academic degrees

D.V. Savchenko

Goalball as a factor in the formation of health and

socio-psychological adaptation of visually impaired adolescents

The article deals with the formation of physical and volitional qualities of visually impaired adolescents in special (correctional) schools. We propose a program to develop social and coping with the tools and techniques of sports games goalball. As well as practical materials submitted by the author studies.

Key words: visually impaired adolescents, psychosocial adaptation, goalball, physical education.

E.D. Shakhbazov

The role and importance of productivity in the quality management of the large industrial complex workforce

This article examines the role and importance of productivity in the management of the quality of the large industrial complex workforce. Expands understanding of the author about labor productivity in the management of the quality of the workforce.

Key words: workforce, labor productivity, management, quality, large industrial complex.

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