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9/2011 (163)



Theoretical and practical journal

E.A. Borisov

Speech of welcome by the President of Rebuplic Sakha (Yakutia)


Yu. A. Peskovskaya

Perfection of legislation for improvement quality of life of the population of regions of Russia


The article presents the real estimate of living standards in Far Eastern federal district from position of the significance of social aspect in innovative development of region in the immediate prospects, namely transport availability, housing and so on.

Key words: increase of population incomes, pension provision, realization of first-priority national projects “Health”, “Education”, “Affordable housing”.

A.A. Struchkov

The life quality of the population of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) and the main directions of activity of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) government for improvement the living standards of the population


There are some ways of realization of federal target program “The strategy of socio-economic development of the Far East till 2025” and also Schemes of complex development of productive forces, transport and energetics of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) till 2020, including “The concept of increasing of labor motivation, employment and decreasing the level of poverty in Republic for 2001-2010” and the target program “Care about elderly for 2011-2013”, which are considered in this publication.

Key words: the mean for one man cash incomes of population, minimum of subsistence, employment, pensioners, social contract, living standard of low-income groups.

E.B. Frolova

The basic areas of development of the statistics of living standards of the population of Russia


The author has shown new approaches in methodology of statistical calculations in sphere of living standards of population in Russia taking into account the global changes in world economy as a whole, and in social policy in Russia, in particular.

Key words: conditions of habitation, availability and quality of social services, level and sources of incomes of population, motivation to labor and healthy life-style, reproductive plans of population.

V. N. Bobkov

Methodical and practical questions of researching of living standards: regional aspect


There is an estimation of living standards of population in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) in comparison with other subjects of Russian Federation in Far Eastern federal district in the article. The indicators of living standards of regions of Far Eastern are presented.

Key words: Human development index, the general life expectancy, purchase power of the mean of one man cash incomes.

L. P. Hrapylina

The new methodological approaches to estimation life quality of separate categories of population


There is a schematic circuit of working out the criteria and indicators of estimation of quality of life of separate categories of the population in the article. The social services and social care have the great value for improving quality of life of separate categories of the population. At formation of complex indicators of estimation the orientation of modern transformations of the system of granting social services for the population and its separate categories on a context of strategy of socio-economic development of the country, regions, municipal unions, and also social branches and complexes is considered.

Key words: level of incomes, education and qualification level of manpower resources, the system of training and retraining, average life expectancy.

L. I. Verbitskaya

Приоритетные направления повышения качества жизни с позиции охраны здоровья населения Республики Саха (Якутия) The priority areas for improvement of life quality from the position of health protection of the population of Republic Sakha (Yakutia)


In the article there are priority directions of improvement of living standards of the population from positions of health protection of inhabitants of the region, including the increasing of efficiency of activity of a primary link, the inter-district centers, delivery of health care for mothers and their children, and also the order of delivery of health care, realization of preventive and restoration medicine and information support are generated. All of this is on the basis of the analyses of specificity of functioning of system of public health in Republic Sakha (Yakutia).

Key words: living standards, health, availability of medical aid, medical insurance, few-complete medical organization.

N. N. Degtjarev

Approval of the social standards is the necessary condition of improving life quality of the population


In this article the author argues the severe need of development of the minimum social standards in all spheres of vital functions of the person. Features of consumption of the population of various zones of Republic Sakha (Yakutia), which influence on working out of size, composition and living wage structure in the region are opened. There is a necessity of increase of salary as the basic source of incomes of population, improvement of provision of pensions affirms. In rendering of the state social help by the needing it is necessary to strengthen its address character that acts as the primary aim of all levels of the government.

Key words: living standards, social standards, minimum of subsistence, incomes, address social aid.

D.G. Belozerov

The priority areas of agriculture complex for improvement living standards in a village


There are economic and organization measures of the state support of agriculture of republic which influence on the improvement of life quality of agricultural population in the article. The special attention is given to the analysis of development of housing construction, maintenance with accessible habitation of young families and young experts, improvement of water supply, gasification, and transport to agricultural population service.

Key words: living standards in village, the program-target method, a sustainable development of rural territories, technical and technological modernization of agricultural complex, housing provision, expansion of the commodity market of production.

E.L. Motrich

The socio-demographic problems of the Far East federal district


In the article there is a complex analysis of the demographic situation on the Far East federal district, including the analysis of birth rate, death rate, migration of its population and the main factors which define this situation. The special attention is given to the influence of living standards on demographic processes in the district. On the basis of this the author can make a conclusion about necessity with a view of preservation, restoration and population growth in the strategic plan stirring up of economic and social life in the Far East, state guarantee and support of the raised specifications of reproduction of the person, his health, educational and the spiritual needs, which are corresponding to regional specificity.

Key words: quality of life, birth rate, death rate, migration, level of life, the state guarantees, specifications of reproduction of the person.

G.V. Tolstych

A.T. Nabereshchnaja

The ways of improving the level and life quality of the population of Northern region (by the example of Republic Sakha (Yakutia))


The author of the article says that the dependence of life quality on a population standards of well-being, necessity of alignment of living standards between various regions and municipal unions. The author offers the complex of measures and actions for increasing level of life, including the wages growth, modifications of systems of payment of regional factor for residing at extreme conditions of the North is offered; the address help and support of the families with children, introduction of an ascending scale of the taxation from incomes of physical persons. The special attention is given to problems of work and employment in Republic Sakha (Yakutia).

Key words: living standards, wages, labor, employment, unemployment.

V.I. Ptitsyn

The activity of the Center of employment of the population of Megino-Kangalasky area for improvement living standards of population


The author presents the analysis of work of the Center of employment of the population of Megino-Kangalasky area of Republic Sakha (Yakutia). Also it is pointed the inexpediency of attraction of foreign labor force in the given territory.

Key words: unemployment, living standards of the population, foreign labor force.

T.V. Tret’jakova

The role of the regional system of estimation of education quality in the development of human potential of Republic


The author presents the control system for estimation of quality of education at the different levels of executive power. On the basis of ordering of indicators of quality of education it is formed the algorithm of control-estimated activity in educational institution.

Key words: quality of life, human potential, quality of education, the estimation of quality of education.

G.I. Harlamp’iev

The role of the small-scaled business in improvement of llife quality of population of Republic


In the article the author takes a look at the mechanisms of the state support of small-scale and average-scale business. The special attention is given to entrepreneur development in consumer service system, namely the Concept of development of the consumer services of the population in rural settlements in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) for 2009-2011. It is offered to develop methodology of estimation of the contribution of small-scale and average-scale business in economic development of the subjects of Russian Federation.

Key words: small-scale and average-scale business, system of consumer services of the population, the state support of entrepreneur.

T.G. Rat’kovskaya

The investment-budget conditions of development of branches of a social sphere: character and extent of regional differences in Russian Federation

The author used the approach and the system of indicators of the comparative analysis of the investment and budgetary conditions of development of the regional social infrastructure with taking into account a principle of budgetary federalism for working out the mechanisms of a diversification of conditions of federal support of development of a social infrastructure of local and regional value.

Key words: regional differentiation of incomes of the subjects of Russian Federation, social infrastructure, diversification of the financial support of the subjects of Russian Federation.

E.G. Egorov

A.V. Trubina

Migration as a factor of improvement of living standards of the population of the region (by the example of Republic Sakha (Yakutia))

In the article the authors have shown the reasons of migration of agricultural population in cities which are pointed as potential zones of “attraction” of intraregional migrants; it is pointed the priority right of Russian citizens to employment of vacant workplaces.

Key words: migration, standard of living, quality of life, comfortable dwelling.

V.I. Kondratieva

The suggestions for perfection of the monitoring of life level of the population in the regions of Russia

Among the offered measures of perfection of monitoring of living standards of the population in the regions of Russia the author has pointed the expansion of the list of the observably indicators, which characterize the life quality of the population.

Key words: standard of living, quality of life, monitoring of the life quality of the population, selective inspections.

I.I. Batojergalova

About the calculation of the cash incomes of the population in different regions and organization the survey of the budgets of house economy

In the article it is presented the methodology of organizing of selective inspections of the budgets of house economy in Republic Sakha (Yakutia), the offers on optimization of the questionnaire for inspection are resulted.

Key words: incomes, budgets of house economy, social payments.

T. K. Koryakina

About the problem of improvement of methodology of calculating the living-wage for Republic Sakha (Yakutia)

In the article on the basis of existing division into districts of the territory of Russian Federation the author proves the inclusion of all territory of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) in absolutely discomfortable and extremely discomfortable zones of residing. The living wage and a consumer’s basket of goods in this region should be corrected in appropriate way aside their increasing.

Key words: the living-wage of the Far North and the territories equal to it, consumer’s basket calculation on the Far North, division into districts of the territory of Russia.

8/2011 (162)


Научно-практический журнал



Бобков В.Н.

Влияние экономической активности и уровня жизни населения на рождаемость в современной России…………………………………


Зверева Н.В.

Рождаемость и развитие населения………………………………………


Архангельский В.Н.

Влияние субъективной оценки уровня жизни на репродуктивное поведение………………………………………………………………….…….


Калабихина И.Е.

Гендерный переход и качество жизни……………………………..……..




Кашепов А.В.

Россия в 2010 г.: дефицит или избыток рабочей силы?....................


Коровкин А.Г.,

Королев И.Б.,

Единак Е.А.

Социально-экономическое расстояние как фактор межрегионального движения населения и рабочей силы……………………….


Маликов Н.С.

Поколения, их роль в социально-экономическом и социально-демографическом развитии………………………………….……………..


Кайгородова Т.В.

Роль здоровья в социально-экономическом развитии общества. Европейский опыт……………………………………………………………..



Елизаров В.В.

Демографические и экономические аспекты поддержки семей с детьми…………………………………………………………………………….





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