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5/2011 (159)



Theoretical and practical journal

Y. Gertsiy

20 twenty years of active work of State Employment Agency: theory and practice of unemployment control

In this article the author analyzes the work of state employment agency over the last 20 years, including the connection between unemployment level and growth (reduction) of gross domestic product. The author shows dynamics of recorded unemployment level in the context of economic recession and dynamics of changes of tension on the labor market in the Russian Federation.

Key words: unemployment, labor market, reduction of tension on the labor market, government control of social and labor relations.

V. Bobkov

E. Chernyh

U. Aliev

E. Kurilchenko

Instability of employment: negative aspects of modern socio-labor relationships

In this article we take a look at prevalence of the non-standard employment forms, their specificity and types, and the influence to the instability of employment in Russia and Europe. We define the influence of labor migration and unemployment to spread of such processes. Against the background of tendencies of decrease of income and social immunity we can draw a conclusion that all these factors destroy cohesion and solidarity which are the condition of successful development of Russian society and achieving brilliant life quality.

Key words: non-standard employment forms, flexibility of labor market, non-standard labor contract, poverty, precarity.

A. Semenkov

F. Prokopov

Contribution of laureates of Nobel Prize in economics of 2010 into development of labor economics

The paper discusses contribution of 2010’s Nobel laureates in economics for the development of search and matching theory, taking into account frictions between employees and employers about jobs. It shows that inclusion of even small search costs leads to significantly different results from a competitive equilibrium in a classic model of demand and supply. The model allows understanding, how, in a case of a continued match, the benefits from the match are split into a wage for the worker and a profit for the firm. Also, it sheds light on the relationship between important economic variables.

Key words: job search, unemployment, job vacancies, salary, job creation, job destruction.

K. Kazimov

Establishment and development of State Employment Agency

The article examines the emergence and development of public service employment in a modernizing economy. Substantiates the need for more active employment policy, is able to provide the output of the country at the forefront of socio - economic development by stimulating the creation of high-tech jobs, improving training, business development and other forms of effective employment.

key words: state placement service, active policy of employment assistance to population, regional programs of employment assistance, manpower quality.

O. Neterebsky

Establishment and development of Moscow employment service

In the article the author describes 20 years of experience of Moscow employment service since the moment of its establishing. The author reviews the main promotion programmes of employment of population, the realization of which helped to reach consistently lower indicators of unemployment level in Moscow than in other major capital cities.

Key words: Key words: employment, labor market, the unemployed, promotion of employment of population.

N. Loktuhina

About structural problems in sphere of population employment in Moscow

The aim of the article is to take a look at structural disproportions in sphere of employment of population in Moscow, who is included in prevailing part of employed people in service and trade. We expose advantages and disadvantages of this tendency with its cooperation with all-Russian labor market, we also devise solution of this problem.

Key words: labor market, employment in megalopolis, jobsites, employment policy.

I. Podkovinskaya

Regional economy needs in professionals

In the article we take a look at the problem of personnel deficit in Kaluga region, we name the main areas of work on region people ware.

Key words: regional labor market, economic policy, personnel deficit, manpower resources.

I. Polevoy

Being on demand of Belgorod employment service is time proved

This article represents the results of employment service work in Belgorod region in a span of twenty years. The author has evaluated the effectiveness of arrangements of the Programme to stabilize the labor market situation in Belgorod region in the period of 2009-2010. As the arrangements of easing of tensions on the labor market they have chosen community involvement, traineeship of graduates, advance education of workers being under the threat of demission, assistance for unemployed in their own business activity. The author has analyzed the work of established interdistrict information and consultation centres and multifunctional centres.

Key words: government control of social and labor relations, labor market, promotion of employment of population, unemployment, government services in the sphere of employment of population.

L. Kabolova

North Ossetia - Alania. The Labor Market: Status and Prospects

The current situation on the labor market of the republic of North Ossetia-Alania, part of the North Caucasus Federal District, is characterized by relatively high in comparison with the all-Russia level of unemployment, labor surplus, the lack of available workplaces, low cost labor, an acute imbalance of supply and demand of labor force. Within the state employment programs is taking measures to stabilize the situation, reducing the social tension, leveling the negative processes, development of business initiatives.

Key words: placement service, labor market, unemployment, employment of population.

M. Alibekov

The experience of the Association of holders co-owners of «Shukty»

In his article the author reviews the model of social and economic system of management of agricultural industry offered by Chartaev M. The author describes the experience of its introduction in 1985 in Ordzhonikidze communal farm of Shukty region of Dagestan Republic. As a result labor capacity in a half depression farming became several times higher. In the author’s opinion Chartaev’s model is prospective for Russia as by its characteristics it is mostly reasonable for transformational growth of our country.

Key words: Chartaev’s system, the Association of holders co-owners, collectively shared form of ownership, management of agricultural industry.

S. Perekrest

Regional Development in Sociological Perspective

In this article we have analyzed the theoretical and methodological approaches to the conception “regional development” in sociological perspective. We have found the correlation of regional development and regional demography. There are changes of fertility behavior which are based not only on new value system, but also on social polarization of incomes in a region, impossibility of improvement to dwelling, health deterioration and young urbanization.

Key words: region, regional development, factors and indices of regional development, family-demographic factor.

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